Our aim is to help your business develop better processes and bespoke reporting tools which can be applied to your everyday working so that you can manage your stock better and help plan your offer so that it is aligned with your business.

We do this with Excel templates which are customised to your business and work with the data that you have.

Here are a few examples of the templates we provide which are used in buying and merchandising offices, (some can be used across other business platforms):

WSSI Template

WSSI stands for Weekly Sales and Stock information. This template offers you a set of ideal measures (stock cover, warehouse cover, OTB, planned sales, markdown etc) and the formulas that go with it.

Sample available

Range Planning Lessons Learnt, Strategy and Tactics and Range Architecture Packs

After trading a season, its important to understand how you have performed, both financially and relative to product and to set out a clear strategy of how to you want to improve your performance for the following year. You also need to have a clear plan of how you will achieve that, from the number of options you need to have to how much money goes behind what category. This is a three part pack.

Sample available

Trading Calendar

This can be also termed as a promotional and launch calendar, recording what you should keep a note of and help for future planning. A simple document but essential to your day to day trading activities – We have created a free copy for you, in order for you to receive this please contact us.

Sample available

Line Detail/Range Plan Template
(for range planning)

You need one place to put all your product details, your prices, your distribution, your grading. This is the template you need to assist in your range planning.

Top line financial planning

With building blocks included for buying and merchandising teams. These are a few documents which will help your initial financial planning.

Line Card Template

Your teams are trying to forecast sales in multiple sheets and just not getting there. This provides a basic sheet set up to allow you to manage your forecasts and out of stocks.

Markdown top line template with sku listing template

Your teams need to be able to effectively cost their markdowns and also be able to present this to you in a way that captures all the detail without you seeing all the detail. The markdown top line template links to a sku listing template which will make it easier for your teams to plan markdowns.



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