Who are we? We are a management consultancy focused on the retail sector, specifically focused on merchandising with a hint of buying.

Faika Khurram is currently busy putting this site together, getting the logo done, making lots of templates and just making this site as near perfect as it can be so you can get all you need if you are setting up a new business and need good reporting and templates.

Also for all those who are already set up, is it time to review what you have in place and see what you can produce better? This is the place for you.

So you can see A LOT is going on, as soon as we are ready we will let you know with a bang, of course!

In the meanwhile, if you can’t wait for the site, please email contact@fkpconsultancy.co.uk for any consultancy based projects you have in the pipeline. Need to build a WSSI? Need to change your replenishment system and need someone to come and interrogate it? Need someone to build some exception reporting which is very much tailored to your business needs? Or some analytical reporting is what you really need as you start edging closer to Christmas (what are your competitors doing with regards to look, price etc, online and in store)?

Call 07717492260 or email contact@fkpconsultancy.co.uk – we want to make retail that little bit easier for you, let us help you.

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