I have been a festival goer for some time now, my quest for enjoying music has led me from camping over a 3 day period, to going to many day festivals. The main purpose – for pure fun and enjoyment. Yesterday I was at V festival in Hylands Park taking my firm place to see Stormy, Jay Z and Dizzee Rascall.

However, this year was the first year I became an observer of my surroundings, just not taking all the music in, but what people were wearing, what the key trends were in terms of clothing and what I saw were great opportunities.


I have never seen so much glitter in my life, on eyes, on faces, in hair, on your chest, in beards! What i found the most fascinating was that it was unisex, yes the majority of girls were wearing it and to be honestly it looked great, but boys joined in were they could, albeit slightly subtly.

I would say that one in three stalls were dedicated to putting glitter on you, far more so than I have seen in previous festivals when it comes to these types of trends. I would have said that this trend probably emerged earlier in the year, but it definitely was in full force this year, and I think there will be another year in it.


If you didn’t have a french plait or your hair up in two buns, you really weren’t following the trends at all. Yes it as all very Zoella like, and that was the average age of those there, but this was about the look, and certainly for me, thats what retailers should have been showcasing on their models for appeal probably at the beginning of summer to capture opportunities.

I wouldn’t say it was much about multi coloured hair, which was probably in last year, but very much about subtle grey and Balayage Hair colouring, similar what we have seen coming from the US at the beginning of the year.

Statement jewellery was very much about finishing the look. Big necklaces and earrings was something I spotted a lot around the festival.


I love festivals and I love fashion at the moment, why? Because its Unique. Its all about the individual and how they want to wear it, even if its not following the norm.

Saying that it was very much about sequins and crop tops, lots of sequin skirts and dresses. Leotards over split trousers is something I saw quite a bit, and looked good.

Playsuits are still having their day, printed ones were definitely catching peoples eyes (I even saw one girl ask another girl where she got hers from).

Shorts aren’t dying, thats for sure. However its not all about denim anymore, sports shorts, printed shorts, dominated by non denim I would say.

There was a lot of Mermaid prints also, on jackets and tops. Something to watch!

Oh yes a Hunter boot was the boot to have. A couple tried to break away from the brand must have, but if you didn’t have Hunters you really weren’t completing the look.


Since when did bumbags come back into fashion?! From my time in my previous role, I had heard that they were coming back, but the amount of girls and boys who had them surpassed my expectations. A relatively cheap investment which makes a lot of sense when you think about it!

Small glitter backpacks were around quite a bit, again similar to backpacks, small and compact and actually this is probably something retailers could look to invest in more so in a small way at beginning of the summer season.

I really think this is such a great place to take such good insight in such a large environment and more companies should be investing in getting at least someone to one of them to take it all in. I for one found the whole experience amusing and insightful and will be keen how to see how that reflects whats happening next year.

I also think a festival kit including a mac, wipes, picnic blanket, brush, extra charger for your phone would be great to market, I certainly will be packing all that next year!

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